Using FARO Laser Scanner and Hamar Laser Equipments FTPL offers services on site for critical measurements in random industries as shown.

Manufacturers of heavy equipment such as military vehicles, earthmovers and agricultural machinery have adopted FARO’s and HAMAR’s measurement solutions to measure parts in situ. Not having to move these cumbersome parts saves both time and costs. FARO and HAMAR solutions are also able to operate in difficult environments (even right on the machine tool bed) where varying temperature and dirty conditions cause alternative systems difficulties.

FARO’s and HAMAR’s solutions can be applied to almost any area of metal fabrication, the determining factors as to the most suitable solution are the size of the part and the accuracy of the inspection required. Feature measurements and inspection against nominal data can all be performed using the FaroArm or Laser Tracker whereas to perform direct surface comparisons or to reverse engineer the addition of a Laser Scanner will allow more points to be captured giving a higher density of data and more information on the part’s surface form.

Planning of alterations to complex facilities such as power plants and nuclear power stations can be supported by taking actual 3-D documentation of the current status.

The parabolic and often proprietary shape of radio antennas and telescopes is vital for their correct operation. Inspecting and aligning parts of this size used to present serious difficulties and incur high costs. Now the FARO Laser Tracker is capable of performing the surface inspection of the dish and alignment of the feedhorn